Matriarch of the Parker family.

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Equal parts eccentric and intelligent, Gloria Parker was deeply tied to the Parker Publishing’s success.  Born into money, she led a carefree childhood with a rich education bolstered by frequent trips abroad.  Joining her often was her childhood friend James, and it surprised nobody when they married young.  Their relationship strong, they worked hard to keep their stock increasing, staying strong in the marked even as the economy crumbled around them.

They welcomed the twins with a confused joy, ready to care for them and yet still revelling in their own youth.  The twins had any goods they might have asked for, but were taken care of largely by the house staff.  They resumed taking trips around the country, leaving their kids for sometimes weeks at at time.  When not travelling, much of the time went to the company.

It is during one of these trips that James contracts some illness that kills him in his home after a few weeks of bedrest.

At the funeral, she meets Maximilian Van Camp.  Director of the Funeral Parlor, he seems to present a mysterious connection to the afterlife.  “I have seen many bodies laid to rest, but I know some souls still linger.”  Under Max’s guidance (and her money - he is but a funeral parlor director, and time is money.), she begins renovations on the house.

A year into renovations, the family is fracturing further.  Florence, once a polite responsible daughter, openly detests Max’s presence.  Alexander is disappearing for lengths at a time to god knows where.  Only Sybil is cooperative, fully embracing her mother’s beliefs.

One day though, Sybil, under Gloria’s care, takes a fall.  The result is only a broken arm, a common childhood ailment, but it causes a shift in Florence.  Once openly detesting of her mother’s actions, she suddenly stays closer to Gloria, following her along to company board meetings.  Not quite what Gloria wants - Alexander has to be dragged into anything related to the company that he is going to inherit - but Florence proves herself to be such an asset to the business negotiations that Gloria begins to give her small responsibilities.

As Florence’s company clout grows, though, more free time for Gloria lets her spend more of it with the home.  She begins to expand the house even more, placing in strange locks that Max believes will confound the spirit of her husband, ensuring that he stays on the grounds.

As the kids approach 18 years old, the company as a whole begins to push Alex into things more and more until one day he’s just gone.  Florence knows where he is, she has to know, but she refuses to say.  So clearly, Alex has died.  He’s with the house now.

{Should Florence take Sybil and money and go?  Just appoint herself head of the company?  Either way, the girls are gone now and Gloria’s delusional}

Suddenly her two girls shift, and there’s something about Florence that’s off, but Gloria doesn’t understand.  Could the souls of the dead be hurting her?  The house must be cleansed.


Epilogue?  She’s locked up and begins to see reality again?  As player leaves, can investigate the mailbox to find an old letter from her.

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