Navigation and Inventory Edit

Players view rooms from a single perspective with the player character onscreen.  Players can tap areas to investigate them.  The avatar moves over to the object, if possible, and there is player feedback in the form of animation to confirm the investigation.

Movement from room to room is done by tapping on doors.  The avatar, if possible, walks to the door and it opens.

Players can keep track of their location relative to the floor by use of a map.  This map is built up as the character explores each room, based on the skills and personality of the avatar.

Exploration Edit

Some items can be investigated closer by the player.  To do so, they are selected in the inventory, and then the “investigate” button is pressed.  This brings up the 3d model for the player to interact with in several ways:

  • By tapping a single time, the player can focus on a certain part of the object.  This is useful for getting commentary from the avatar and pointing out unusual aspects that had not previously been visible
  • By double tapping quickly, the player can simulate tapping the object itself, which can have effects including pressing buttons, dislodging parts, or the avatar realizing it is hollow.
  • By tapping and dragging, the player can rotate the object to see it from other angles.

Puzzle Mechanics Edit


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